Environmental insurance is not just for hazardous waste contractors!

Hidden Exposures for Trade Contractors

Trade Contractors have pollution exposures that are often left unaddressed. Today’s CGL
policies commonly contain separate exclusions for silica, mold, bacteria, asbestos, and lead in
addition to pollution exclusions. The only way to adequately protect your insured from these
exposures is via a well designed contractor’s pollution liability policy (CPL). The original design
team who invented CPL insurance to deal with the mold exclusions of the 80’s, work at ARMR.
Network, LLC today. As a result we know a lot about the product line. By not addressing these
exposures and offering coverage, you leave both your agency’s E&O and your insured at risk.
ARMR.Network, LLC makes protecting the insured and your agency easy.
Some CGL carriers offer limited scope job site pollution endorsements. These endorsements
do not compare in scope of coverage to a properly designed contractors pollution liability
policy. After a loss occurs it is too late to determine whether a CPL would have better protected
your insured.
It is often thought that only contractors involved in environmental or pollution cleanup need
CPL coverage. However, trade contractors have the following gaps in coverage caused by
exclusions found in their CGL policies.

Environmental insurance is not just for hazardous waste contractors!

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