Improved Risk Management Tips for UST’s

Proactive v. Reactive

Many agents look for help for their clients on underground storage tanks (USTs) over 30 years old when it is already too late. The client wants you as the agent to shop around because the premium or deductible doubled
or tripled. This scenario does not need to happen to you as an agent. Using a knowledgeable, specialized wholesaler will help you avoid this worst- case scenario altogether. You will be able to proactively educate your client securing the relationship and renewal for years to come. Below, you will find five tips on how to be proactive v. reactive when it comes to UST risk management.
Carriers will react in a variety of ways when underground storage tanks approach 30-years-old. They will either non-renew, will not consider/decline, will not match retroactive dates, significantly increase premium or significantly increase the deductible/self-insured retention. Why does the private insurance marketplace react this way? That is because the state’s design it this way for everyone’s benefit including all neighboring stakeholders. Replacing the tanks before 30 years of age is in everyone’s best interest to prevent a release (unfortunately, everyone besides the insured’s bank account).

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