In Search of Sasquatch and Construction Defect Insurance


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By: David Dybdahl 

Neither Sasquatch nor construction defect insurance exists, but producers with personal take-home pay incentives promote the hopeful but futile search for both.

What do sightings have to do with insurance coverage for construction defect claims? There are amazing similarities. Both are simply concepts of the imagination. For both, there are folks who benefit on a personal, take-home-pay basis from the continued search for the nonexistent. In the search for the Sasquatch, it is the TV producers that are making money in the whimsical pursuit of the nonexistent critter.


In the mythical world of construction defect insurance, it is the insurance producers that stand to gain monetarily by unconfirmed sightings. In that world, things are not so whimsical. It is a lot better to be accurate and realistic in discussions regarding coverage for construction defects. Unfortunately, insurance marketing can get in the way of reality.

Truth In Labeling.