Introducing ARMR HPR™

We created ARMR HPR™, because we recognized the gaps in coverage created by the various pollution exclusions and fungi and bacteria exclusions and related sublimits on standard general liability and property policies sold today!

What is ARMR HPR™?

ARMR HPR™ is the newest and greatest environmental insurance and risk management program being offered only by American Risk Management Resources Network, LLC (aka ARMR).  It is specially designed to fill the coverage gaps created by various pollution exclusions and fungi and bacteria exclusions commonly found in most standard commercial general liability and property policies. 

There are five (5) key benefits to offering ARMR HPR™ to your commercial property owners and managers:

  1. It sets you apart from your competition.
  2. It provides a steady stream of prospects.
  3. It refers insurance work for commercial properties to restoration contractors in your area.
  4. It builds your current book of business.
  5. It protects your agency’s E&O.

ARMR’s newest and greatest environmental insurance program

Introducing ARMR HPR – ARMR’s newest and greatest environmental insurance program releasing Jan 4th, 2018!

This is the “most innovative insurance product design to ever hit the environmental insurance market” – JJ Iovino, Regions Insurance.

The best prospects to your agency for environmental insurance are no longer environmental services firms or gas station storage tanks – they are commercial property owners and managers! 

Environmental losses can happen to any commercial building, no matter the age, size, or location.

Did you know, last year alone mold in commercial properties was the number one source of claims in the environmental insurance marketplace?  It’s crazy to think that mold in a building is riskier than cleaning up a contaminated superfund site! Yet, we as insurance practitioners do little to nothing to offer environmental insurance coverage solutions to the underserved commercial property sector. Enter ARMR HPR™!


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