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“The most cost-effective means of risk transfer is the purchase of liability insurance for unknown occurrences. There is a very active market for both pollution liability and products liability insurance.”

• Defines the known risks and their cost of treatment so that true deal valuation can occur
• Protects directors and officers from liability
• Protects shareholder value from unexpected costs
• Simplifies the transaction by transferring risk to a well-capitalized insurer
• Reduces post-transaction representations and warranties litigation
• Increases the success rate of transactions with significant environmental issues.

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To manage environmental risks in a loan portfolio all a lender needs to do is;

  1. Identify the loss exposures of their borrowers; (There are a lot more uninsured environmental loss exposures in loan portfolios today than there have been in the past 40 years.)
  2. Implement credit policies to avoid uninsured credit positions on loans.




Expanding Environmental Risks in Credit Positions

Through a convergence of risk factors, more commercial borrowers are exposed to uninsured environmental loss exposures than at any time in history. The emerging environmental risks discussed below are affecting main street businesses, public entities, and farms for the first time.

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Environmental Indemnity Insurance for Real Estate Title Transfers

As insurance professionals, we are constantly balancing the need for client asset protection and the need to keep our client’s insurance costs within budget. Insurance is a business necessity, but it is an operational cost that is scrutinized each year.

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Environmental Risk Transfer Solutions in Mergers & Acquisitions

In every business transaction, buyers want to be assured of what they are buying.  In the context of mergers and acquisitions, environmental liability is an elusive issue to evaluate and quantify.  

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