5 Tips For More Enjoyable Insurance Purchasing 

We know. You don’t like thinking about insurance, but here’s how to make it so much better.

5 Tips For More Enjoyable Insurance Purchasing

Over the past eight years, I have attended cleaning and restoration conventions with attendee size varying from 300 to 5,000. Standing in our trade show booth, having attendees visit or walk by, I have found there are two types of contractors when it comes to insurance purchasing.

The first group includes the ones that dread having to talk about insurance because it is so cumbersome and such a long, drawn-out process. I swear some contractors take one look at our banner, read the word “insurance,” and fight an overwhelming urge to run. The second group of contractors loves to talk about their insurance and how they can improve it.

I have to stay, I enjoy both types of contractors as I am passionate about what they do for a living.

Insurance purchasing can be a long and stressful process for cleaning and restoration contractors. I completely understand where they are coming from when they hear or think the word “insurance” and want to run for the hills. During the last decade, I have helped more than 1,300 firms in the industry, and I am here to share the five best tips I’ve figured out for making insurance purchasing more enjoyable for contractors just like you.


“If your insurance agent presents an option that shows a comparison of more than just limits and deductibles and tells you one option has broader coverage but will cost a bit more, go with the one with broader coverage.”

By: Kari Dybdahl