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ARMR.Network, LLC is a licensed insurance broker in all 50 states. We have extensive experience in your industry and apply that to your insurance.

Policy features

• If 50% or more of your employees have earned IICRC Performance Assessments, you qualify for a 5% premium discount *

• If all employees have earned IICRC performance assessments, you qualify for a 10%premium discount!* for GL, CPL, PL, ONLY, a Minimum Premium of $2,500

* for GL, CPL, PL, ONLY, Minimum Premium $2,500

Coverage Features

• Exceptional response times

• Exceptional response times

• Only policy that lists the ICRA & IICRC Standards within the policy• Category 3 water coverage, in addition to mold

• Minimum Premium $2,500• A+ IV rated insurance carrier


An ARMR specialist will review your insurance program and provide you with recommendations within 48 hours. This is a $200 value that comes with your IICRC membership at no cost or obligation.

FREE Policy Review

IICRC Member Features

•Business insurance designed specifically for the services you provide

• Available through your local insurance agent

• Unsurpassed customer service

• Specific coverage for your work under IICRC or ICRA standards


Let Us Help

Five Minutes on the phone or a quick email to a true specialist in insuring inspection, cleaning, and restoration firms can potentially save you thousands of dollars in insurance premiums, and/or we may correct insurance coverage flaws that can leave you fundamentally uninsured for what you do for a living every day.




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