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Revolutionizing mitigation financial assurance

New Cost-Effective, Reliable, Multi-Year Solutions For Compensatory Mitigation Financial Assurance Obligations


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Our products make significant improvements over all the traditional Financial Assurance instruments in use today.

Our Financial Assurance products are provided by “A” or “A+” rated U.S.-based insurance companies.

All our options are specifically designed to comply with the Financial Assurances requirements detailed in33 CFR 332.3. and later guidance documents prepared by the Institute for Water Resources of the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers.

Our Financial Assurance options have been designed for efficiency and ease of use by the stakeholders.
Available in every state for Mitigation Banks, In-Lieu Fee, and Permittee Responsible Mitigation projects

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How to Minimize the total carrying cost of Reliable financial assurance


We offer four different multi-year Financial Assurance products with no collateral requirements! (Collateral=Opportunity Cost on Capital)

We have two insurance products with no indemnity requirements. (true insurance)

With non-cancellable coverage durations up to 10 years, the Financial Assurance for an entire project can be addressed in a One and Done solution.

We can insure the Environmental Indemnity Obligations in Conservation Easements.

Our insurance and bond options tap into state insurance regulations that address setting loss reserves (escrows) and paying claims. If Financial Assurance is ever drawn upon, the same insurance regulations solve the problem of avoiding “constructive receipt of funds” for federal regulators.

Wetlands Next Generation of Financial Assurance Options 2021


After 12 years of Research and Development, We solved all of the inherent problems associated with the traditional financial assurance mechanisms. 

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Avoiding inherent Problems with LOC’s

The full amount LOC will be called in and placed in escrow, whether the full amount of the LOC is needed to cure a deficiency or not;

There are no set rules governing the use of funds or the release of any unused funds in the escrow. The escrow itself creates problems for Federal Regulators who must avoid constructive receipt of funds rules;

Once the LOC is called in at the sole discretion of the Regulatory Authority, the disbursed funds are due and payable to the issuer of the LOC; (Letter of Credit ≠ Line of Credit)

Once called in, the lender is not likely going to issue another LOC for the project or to the mitigation services vendor. Without access to new credit, it can be “game over” on the project and likely the vendor. The “game over” scenario for the mitigation vendor is not necessarily limited to the defaulted project.

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