Exceptionally Qualified Practitioners & Nationally Recognized Environmental Insurance Expert Witnesses

ARMR has assembled a team of experts in all facets of the environmental insurance business. Our team offers unparalleled qualifications and the most complete set of historical records tracing the availability of environmental insurance. Our team of experts assists the legal and insurance communities in resolving claims involving environmental damages. From the experience gained by working with thousands of environmental insurance policies over three decades, we have hands-on knowledge of the customs and practices in the insurance marketplace, environmental insurance underwriting in practice, national product line marketing, insurance brokerage operations, and claims adjustment practices.

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Our Main Areas of Focus:

• The availability and cost of environmental insurance over time
• The availability and cost of environmental insurance over time
• Environmental insurance coverage in practice
• Environmental liability insurance underwriting practices
• Policy form interpretation
• Pollution claims adjustment practices
• The application of pollution/fungus/mold/bacteria exclusions in property and
   liability insurance policies
• Continuous trigger allocation of loss between policy periods
• Cost Cap insurance claims and policy interpretation
• Insurance agent/broker professional liability defense

Our diverse team can support a wide variety of environmental insurance coverage litigation cases, ranging from the historical availability of environmental insurance over time to modern-day customs and practices in the environmental insurance coverage line.


David J. Dybdahl Jr. is a true pioneer in the development and sale of environmental insurance products. After guiding Johns Manville through bankruptcy due to developing asbestos products liability claims in 1981, he has been an insurance broker and consultant specializing in the environmental insurance product line.

Brad Maurer is another pioneer in the environmental insurance industry. After his role as a project environmental scientist for Black & Veatch performing Superfund site investigations under contract with USEPA Region 3, he joined one of the first groups of environmental underwriters at ECS Underwriting (now XL/Caitlin). At that time, there were only rudimentary policies with first-party and third-party insurance contained on separate policy forms.

Service Specification

David provides credible testimony on the customs and practices within the environmental insurance industry over the past 30 years.

David has the foremost experts in the world on the availability of environmental insurance over time. He has assembled documented records on the history of environmental insurance from 1975 to the present day. Contrary to the myth that environmental insurance disappeared in 1986 with the redrafting of the standard ISO General Liability insurance policy, hundreds of millions of dollars of environmental insurance has been continuously available to most insurance buyers after 1986 at deeply discounted prices.


David has been offering Environmental Insurance Expert Witness and Litigation Support services for over 15 years. This includes history and knowledge of the markets as well as the custom and practices in the industry. David has served as a consultant in over $700,000,000 of disputed environmental insurance claims. His past clients include the US EPA, US Justice Department, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the World Bank in London.

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David and his team provide credible testimony on the customs and practices within the environmental insurance industry over the past 30 years.