True environmental insurance custom-designed for farmers

 Your insurance coverage is not dependent on obscure exceptions to absolute pollution exclusions which no one can understand.

What the Program offers :

  • The EIL policy has a dedicated limit of Liability for Cleanup costs including well replacements
  • Coverage for damage to the property of others or causing bodily injury to non-employees
  • Coverage for all species of Bacteria as defined pollutants
  • Coverage for release of pollutants arising from owned or leased properties Manure lagoons, Biogas plants, manure spreading, pesticide herbicide application, transportation, no-owned disposal sites
  • This insurance is now available through your local insurance agent
  • Low premiums
  • Limit of liability $1,000,000 available up to $10,000,000

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Our environmental insurance library is filled with valuable information on managing agricultural risks. 

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Manure has been deemed a pollutant


Manure has been deemed a pollutant by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Our intern Buster observed several local farms to collect data on how many farms will be impacted by this ruling. Read more about the ONLY Wisconsin Farm Insurance Program that offers cleanup coverage for pollutants!

Read the Full Case: Wilson Mutal Manure Case


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