Disney’s Bob Iger is planning to lay off 7,000 employees in a ‘significant transformation’ to cut back costs as he eliminates some of his predecessor’s efforts.

On Wednesday, Iger announced his plans to restructure the company, effectively eliminating the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution group set up under former CEO Bob Chapek.

The new structure, according to the , will have only three divisions, Disney Entertainment — which will include film and TV assets as well as Disney+; ESPN — which will include ESPN and ESPN+; and Parks, Experiences and Products — which will include theme parks and the consumer products team.

As part of that changeup, Disney will cut 7,000 jobs — representing a little over three percent of its global workforce.The cuts are likely to predominantly affect the entertainment and ESPN divisions, despite the company beating analyst’s expectations for the fourth quarter of 2022.

The changeup comes as Gov.Ron DeSantis  and the company faces a proxy battle with an activist investor seeking to gain a seat on the board.

Disney CEO Bob Iger is planning to lay off some 7,000 employees as he restructures the company

In announcing the new structure Wednesday, Iger likened it to changes he made at the media giant in 2005, when he first became CEO, and in 2016, EvDeN Eve NaKliYAT when Disney announced a shift to streaming as it bolstered its assets with the acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

‘Our new structure is aimed at returning greater authority to our creative leaders and making them accountable for how their content performs financially,’ he said on an earnings call. In case you loved this post and you want to receive more info regarding EvDen EVe nAkLiYat generously visit the site.  

‘Our former structure severed that link and must be restored,’ he continued, noting: ‘Moving forward, our creative teams will determine what content we’re making, how it’s distributed and monetized and how it gets marketed.’

Under the plans, Alex Bergman and Dana Walden will co-chair the Disney Entertainment division, with Jimmy Pitaro continuing to lead ESPN and Josh D’Amaro continuing to lead parks and experiences.

And, in addition to the planned layoffs, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy also said the company is targeting $5.5billion in cost savings, including $3billion related to future content savings with the remaining $2.5billion coming from existing marketing, staffing and technology costs. 

But the move comes as Disney beat earnings expectations.

The company announced on Wednesday that it earned $1.28billion, or 70 cents per share, in the three months through December 31, up from a net income of $1.1billion, or 60 cents per share a year earlier.

Excluding one-time items, Disney earned 99 cents per share.Analysts, on average, were expecting adjusted earnings of 78 cents per share, according to FactSet.

In total, revenue grew eight percent to $23.51 billion from $21.82 billion a year earlier. Analysts were expecting revenue of just $23.44 billion.

The company also said Disney+ ended the quarter with 161.8million subscribers, down one percent since October 1, while Hulu and EvdEn evE nakliYAT ESPN+ each posted a two percent increase in paid subscribers.

Following the news, shares of Disney rose three percent in after-hours trading.

Much of the layoffs are expected to be in the entertainment division, which includes Disney+, as well as ESPN, which includes ESPN+

Disney ended the fourth quarter of 2022 with $1.28billion, or 70 cents per share

Disney shares ticked upwards following the earnings call on Wednesday

But Disney has been under fire recently by billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, who has claimed Iger is not fit to lead the company, citing falling revenues. 

Last week, Peltz — the founder of Trian Management — sent a letter to Disney shareholders on Thursday asking them to vote for him rather than longtime board member Michael BG Froman.

It was just the latest move Peltz made in his ongoing war with Disney, after previously filing paperwork with the United States Securities and

‘Disney works under a number of different models and jurisdictions around the world, and regardless of the outcome, we remain committed to providing the highest quality experience for the millions of guests who visit each year.’ 

During the pandemic, delivery drivers became heroes overnight.They rendered it unnecessary to venture outside to the Co-op, where the shop assistant, shielded from you by a huge Perspex screen, would then lick her fingers to open your carrier bag.

In the darkest depths of , online shopping seemed to be our national saviour.

I’m certain at one point we were encouraged to clap for delivery drivers, along with health workers and the men who collect the recycling even if they sometimes manage to leave a few bottle tops, cardboard boxes and yogurt pots as a sort of dirty protest.

And I’m such a loyal customer, EVDen EVE NaKLiYat I must have been photographed in just knickers and thick socks more often than as proof that my parcel has been delivered.

So it saddens me to say that I am now at war with my delivery drivers.These former angels of furlough – who gamely brought those idle Amazon purchases right to our front doors, without consideration for their personal safety – have become as hopeless as our striking posties.

In the darkest depths of lockdown, online shopping seemed to be our national saviour.Pictured: Stock image

Even the generally nice man from Waitrose.Now that supermarket deliveries are made sans carrier bags, he thinks nothing of solemnly handing me my box of black hair dye. It’s all so familiar and disdainful. For those who have any concerns with regards to where by along with how you can use EvDEn EVe nAKliyAt, you are able to e mail us on our own internet site. I swear that one day he is going to say, sotto voce: ‘Wouldn’t a dark brown, and semi-permanent, be more suitable?’

Last week, evden EVE NAKLiyAT some other idiot delivery man knocked on the door, then just stood there, mute.

‘Speak, man!’ I said, above the noise of my dogs’ barking.

‘Is this number three?’ he said.I pointed to the big number eight on the front door.

‘Molly?’ he said, trying his luck again.

‘No!’ It was clearly a Valentine’s gift. ‘Do I look like I have a boyfriend?’

‘Frankly, no,’ he said, shuffling away.

My postman is no better.He knows he sets off my dogs, but still insists on delivering leaflets for funerals and Sky Glass tellies. Whenever he brings me a parcel, I ask him: ‘Something interesting?’

‘I doubt it,’ he replies, deadpan.

What’s got into delivery men? And my postwoman, for that matter, who recently shoved a card through my door, despite me being in (listen, lady, I’m not Usain Bolt…).

When I caught up with her later, I was told my package was now at the local depot.When I looked it up, EVDEN eve NakliYAT the Post Office website states proudly: ‘Open 8am to 10am.’ What do they do for the rest of the day?

So it saddens me to say that I am now at war with my delivery drivers, these former angels of furlough.Stock image

DPD can be quite reliable (John-Paul, I salute you!). And Lewis, who delivers my coffee beans from Coffee Plant on Portobello Road once a month, you are a life-saver.

The man who owns my local deli is also heroic, but says when he brings around my haul that he now feels ‘a little like your dealer’.

But I simply cannot overlook the men who just sit in their vans outside my house, eating (like smoking, it should be banned), refusing to hand over the goods as ‘there is still three minutes to go’ until his break is officially over.

Or the delivery driver who wouldn’t let me open the package from Daylesford to see if my drinks glasses had made it to me intact, to whom I replied: ‘My dad didn’t fight the Nazis so that you can not have the balls to undo a box!’ Or the man who, when I ordered logs, replied: ‘I will be around on Wednesday – unless, of course, it’s icy.’

And I am not alone in my despair.TikTok and Twitter are awash with incidents of parcels being thrown in a hedge or dropped into a wheelie bin.

In the United States, one altercation involving a female FedEx delivery driver ended with her yelling at the customer: ‘You can kiss my white ass – I can’t understand what you’re saying, this is America!’ (The driver later apologised, saying: ‘I’m frustrated.It’s cold outside and I’m just trying to gather my thoughts.’)

My worst experience with delivery drivers came just before Christmas. I’d ordered a book on gardens as a gift, knowing it would easily fit through my letterbox.

But no.I returned home to a card that stated it had been delivered to a DIY shop in town. I drove to the shop, melting ice caps along the way. I told the man inside that him being a delivery hub defeated the whole object of online shopping.

‘I might just have well driven to a bookshop and cut you out of the equation entirely!’ I told him, as he fumbled through hundreds of packages with all the speed of a dead snail.

‘I’m just a cog,’ he told me, caring not one jot.(It’s the indifference that really riles me.)

Being deaf, I misheard him. ‘At last! Some accountability! Thank you! You are, indeed, a c**k!’

Meanwhile, I can no longer buy a Phillips screwdriver within a 25-mile radius of my home.Am I going to have to order one on Amazon?

Cyber-flashing? All I get is OAP abuse

I watched, fascinated, Asking For It?, the Emily Atack documentary about cyber-flashing on BBC1 last week.

She gets hundreds of unsolicited pics of male genitalia sent to her every day.All I’ve received in the past few weeks is a letter (remember those?) from George, who is 70. I don’t believe he has a smartphone.

‘Dear Liz. I enjoy your writing, but you seem to have been under more sheets than the Ku Klux Klan. You also have the sort of face a dog wouldn’t lick.’

I wish, darling George.

When Teagan Richards shared a snap of her $25 Kmart hack to a group she never expected to reach so many grateful parents.

The mum-of-three’s youngest son Logan, Evden eve nAKLiyat seven months, was diagnosed with life-threatening disease cystic fibrosis and recently needed to be fed through a feeding tube.

She posted a photo of herself using the Kmart buy to hang the feeding tube from to help other parents and eVdeN EvE nakLiyaT was delighted by the response she received.Unsurprisingly, her simple yet powerful post stood out among the banal feed of snaps.

Logan was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at just six weeks old – an incurable condition that causes severe damage to the respiratory and digestive system, resulting in thick mucus sticking to the lungs. If you have any thoughts relating to in which and how to use evDeN Eve NakLiYAT, you can call us at the web site.   

The Queensland mum-of-three recalls the ‘shocking’ moment she received a phone call from doctors who told her the devastating news. 

Brave little Logan (pictured, left) was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at just six weeks old.Aussie mum Teagan Richards had only ever heard of the condition once. To feed him with a feeding tube, she needed to buy a $25 hanging rack from Kmart (right)

‘I was walking into my daughter’s school for school pick up and received a call from a private number they explain that his Heel Prick test had come back positive to him having the CF genes,’ Teagan told FEMAIL. 

‘I honestly had to ask them to repeat what the doctor EvDeN eve NAkliYat said as I had no idea what CF was except from the movie Five Feet Apart.’ 

Doctors instructed Teagan and eVDen EVe NaKliYAt her husband Stephen to visit the clinic to discuss Logan’s condition in more detail.

Feeling shocked and in disbelief, she wondered if doctors had it right before the realisation set in. 

‘I felt terrible and guilty, wondering that we have done this to him and that he had inherited these genes from us,’ she said.

Before the prognosis, Teagan noticed Logan had an ‘occasional coughing fit’ but she assumed he was getting sick. 

He’s also the first in their entire extended family to be diagnosed with the condition. 

‘We had no idea that he had CF or EvdEN evE NAkliYAT that it was even a possibility – he was a healthy, 4kg baby,’ Teagan said.  

Before the prognosis, Teagan (left) noticed Logan had an ‘occasional coughing fit’ but she assumed he was getting sick.He’s also the first in their entire extended family to be diagnosed with the condition (pictured: the family) 

Thirty prisoners, including the leader of a feared cartel’s assassin squad serving a 224-year sentence, are still on the run after a deadly New Year’s Day prison break near the US border.

Security forces continue to search the region surrounding Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, for Evden Eve NAkLiyaT those who escaped in an attack that left 19 people dead.

Los Mexicles leader Ernesto ‘El Neto’ Piñón escaped the Cereso No.3 state prison on Sunday after members of the notorious street gang stormed into the penitentiary located just 16 miles from El Paso, , and helped him escape.

Authorities initially reported that César Vega, the criminal group’s second-in-command, had also escaped before later announcing he is among the seven inmates who were killed. 

At least 200 members of the gang have since been moved from the prison. The brazen assault left ten prison guards and two attackers dead. 

Security forces stand guard at the Cereso No.3 state prison in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, on Sunday. An attack launched by the Los Mexicles street gang freed jailed leader Ernesto ‘El Neto’ Piñón and 29 other inmates. Authorities said 19 people were killed

Los Mexicles leader Ernesto ‘El Neto Piñón is missing after he escaped from a prison in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, on Sunday morning during an armed attack that left 19 people dead.Piñón was sentenced to 224 years in 2010 after he was found guilty of kidnapping and murder charges

Authorities arrested five members of Los Mexicles following a high-speed chase and seized a cache of rifles and ammunition.

The United States Consulate in Ciudad Juárez advised US citizens in the border town to shelter in place after reports of gunfire Monday night.

A Monday afternoon gun battle at a housing complex left seven people dead, including two cops, while security forces hunted down the fleeing inmates.No arrests were reported.

The Cereso No. 3 prison director, Alejandro Téllez, was fired and placed under investigation Tuesday, the Chihuahua State Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

At least 200 Los Mexicles jailed members were loaded onto buses in the early hours Tuesday and transported to Abraham González International Airport, where they boarded two National Guard flights to other federal jails.

Mexico’s Secretary for Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Rodríguez, had announced Monday that plans were underway to transfer high-risk inmates from the Cereso No.3 state prison to other penitentiaries in the country to prevent further attacks.

César Vega (pictured in September 2015), the Los Mexicles second-in-command, was killed at the Cereso No.3 state prison after gang members launched an attack

Ciudad Juárez authorities arrested five members of the Los Mexicles gang following a high-speed pursuit. All five suspects were arrested on attempted murder, illegal firearm possession and criminal organization association charges

Inmates are rounded up outside the Cereso No.3 state prison in Ciudad Juárez following the New Year’s Day deadly attack that left 19 people dead

The Cereso No. 3 state prison was overpopulated by 123% at the time of the attack, National Commission of Human Rights director, Nestor Armendáriz, told Radio Formula.

The agency’s 2021 National Diagnosis of Penitentiary Supervision found that the prison was severely affected by overcrowding, lack of personnel and that not enough programs were being offered to prevent addiction and voluntary detoxification.

Saskia Niño del Rivera, cofounder of Reinserta, a non-profit that works with reintegrating and readapting convicts into society, called on the Mexican government to shut down the detention facility.

‘That prison has to be closed, it does not have the infrastructure to function, it does not have the elements, enough trained guards,’ Niño de Rivera told El Universal newspaper.

The activist pinned the prison’s unsavory conditions on the reality of the high presence of convicts who are members of the Los Jaliscos, Los Artistas Asesinos, Los Golfos and Los Mexicles street gangs.

‘It is a very complicated prison because of the way in which it has been divided by dormitories, and the complexity of closing them so that the same gangs do not clash internally is extremely complex,’ she said.

Ciudad Juárez police confiscated gear, ammunition and rifles from five Los Mexicles gang members arrested during a high-speed chase 

Inmates are rounded up and sat together outside the Cereso No.3 state prison in the northern Mexico border town of Ciudad Juárez moments after security forces regained control of the penitentiary Sunday

Niño del Rivera added that Cereso No. 3 state prison officials were simply overwhelmed because they were dealing ‘with inmates who have levels of crime and crime leadership capacity much higher than what a state has to control.’

The prisoners’ free reign allowed them to set up 10 jail cells that were equipped with electronic goods, such as televisions, and one of them had its own jacuzzi, according to Defense Minister Luis Cresencio.

Investigators searching Piñón’s cell found 10 firearms, 20 kilos of drugs, liquor and a safe deposit box with $87,000.

Chihuahua State Attorney General Roberto Fierro vowed to restore the prison’s security system within three months while adding that they would seek to prosecute any official or guard involved in the attack that allowed Piñón and the other 29 inmates to escape.

‘Who did see it and who was allowing these actions, EvdeN EvE NAKLiyaT those are the ones who are going to bear the punishment because this should not have happened,’ Fierro said.’A series of corruption was discovered inside the prison; it must be said as it is.’

Piñón took the Los Mexicles top leadership spot after Jesús ‘El Lalo’ Soto was transferred out of the Cereso No. 3 state prison in February 2020.

He joined the gang as an 18-year-old in 2007 and was involved in numerous criminal incidents, including kidnappings, in Ciudad Juárez, where the faction acted as the main enforcer for Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s old Sinaloa Cartel.

Los Mexicles leader Ernesto Piñón is among 30 prisoners who escaped from a jail in Mexico 

Guns and bullets are seen in front of the Cereso No.3 state prison  that were recovered by the security forces Sunday after the Los Mexicles street gang launched an attack and freed their leader, Ernesto ‘El Neto’ Piñón

Piñón was found guilty of kidnapping and murder in 2010 and sentenced to 224 years in prison.

Authorities say he was also involved in ordering a wave of assaults throughout Ciudad Juárez on August 11 that left 11 people dead, 20 injured and multiple vehicles and business torched.

At the same time, he organized a riot at the prison in an attempt to flee, but security forces were able to regain control.

The citywide assaults were part of a rift reportedly sparked by Los Mexicles’ fallout with the Sinaloa Cartel faction that is overseen by Los Chapitos – El Chapo’s children – as the gang formed new alliance with Los Aztecas, the armed wing of the Juárez Cartel.

Los Mexicles had also joined forces with the Caborca Cartel, EVDen EVe NAKLiyAt the criminal organization founded by infamous jailed drug lord, Rafael Caro Quintero, who is awaiting extradition to the United States, where he is accused of the 1986 kidnapping and murder of Drug Enforcement Administration agent Kiki Camarena.

The Caborca Cartel is also at odds with Los Chapitos.

Vega served as Piñón’s main confidant at the prison, where they both shared a cell.

He was deported to Mexico in September 2015, almost four years after he was arrested at an El Paso, Texas, fried chicken restaurant.

Vega was detained December 27, 2011 at Church’s Chicken where he was employed as a cook a year after he fled from Mexican authorities after the ambush of the prison van he was being transported in, evdEn EvE NaKLiYat according to U. Should you have just about any inquiries regarding where by along with the way to utilize evDEn EVE nAKLiyAT, it is possible to call us in the site. S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

He and seven other Los Mexicles gang members abducted Natividad Torres at his Ciudad Juárez home on September 15, 2009.

The kidnappers sought a return of $47,000 in exchange for Torres’ release but ended up settling for just $700, a television and a 2008 Toyota.Torres was shot four times on September 15 and released the following day.

He died October 21 as a result of the gunshot wound and Vega and four other kidnappers were arrested the next month.

Vega was sentenced to 42 years for kidnapping and murder.

Jan 30 (Reuters) – United Airlines Holdings Inc technicians ratified a two-year contract with the carrier that includes 16% to 23% wage increases, their union said on Monday.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, EVdeN EvE nAkLiYaT representing around 8,200 United Airlines technicians said the two-year contract would provide for Evden EVE NaKliyat improved job security by adding five heavy maintenance lines in-house.

The agreement, which will be in effect until December 2024, comes at a time when airlines are coming up with attractive pay offers to retain workforce and evDEn evE nAkLiyAT add staff after a faster-than-expected rebound in the U.S.travel market.

It includes a one-year early opener that allows for bargaining on a successor agreement to begin in December 2023.

United Airlines did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.If you have any concerns concerning where and Evden Eve nAkLiYaT Evden Eve nAkLiYaT NaKliYAt exactly how to make use of eVdEn eve naKLiYat, you can call us at the webpage. (Reporting by Kannaki Deka in Bengaluru; Editing by Shailesh Kuber)

A group of criminals who made so much money from a £21 million scam they handed out £5,000 gift cards on the street have been jailed.

Stephen William Boys, 59, and Kelly Caton, 45, have been found guilty of fraud, converting and transferring criminal property.Jordan Kane Robinson, 25, and James Austin-Beddoes, 28, were also found guilty. 

Preston Crown Court heard how the group worked with ringleader James Parker, who died in 2021 before he could be prosecuted for masterminding the conspiracy.

Parker ran the operation from his home in Blackpool, Lancashire from October 2017 to January 2018, helping the group to make ‘more money than they could spend.’

Police recovered £22 million worth of crypto currency along with luxury watches, houses, cars and EVDEn eve NakliYAT designer goods

Kelly Caton, of Blackpool, Lancashire was convicted of fraud, converting and acquiring criminal property and jailed for four-and-a-half years

He exploited a loophole to withdraw dishonestly-obtained crypto assets worth around £15 million from his trading account on an Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Caton dishonestly withdrew £2.7 million and Robinson withdrew £1.7 million from their accounts.

The scam made so much money that £5,000 gift cards were handed out to people in the street and cars were bought for people Parker met in the pub, Preston Crown Court heard.

During the trial Boys told the court how he took £1 million cash in a suitcase to buy a villa from Russians he met in the back office of an estate agent and paid £60,000 to pay off corrupt officials so he could carry on laundering money.

During the investigation police recovered 445 Bitcoin, then worth £22 million, along with luxury watches, houses, cars and designer goods, including a £600 wine cooler, plus more than £1 million in bank accounts.

Parker’s financial adviser Stephen Boys worked with a UK national who lived in the United Arab Emirates to convert the cryptocurrency into cash.

The money was then laundered through various foreign-based online accounts.

Stephen Boys, of Accrington, Lancashire was found guilty of converting and transferring criminal property and jailed for six years.

Stephen Boys told the court how he took £1 million cash in a suitcase to buy a villa from Russians he met in the back office of an estate agent

Police said the scale of the scam led the group to ‘literally having more money than they could spend’

Jordan Robinson, of Fleetwood, Lancashire was found guilty of fraud, converting and eVDeN eVE NAkliYat acquiring criminal property and was jailed for four-and-a-half years

Kelly Caton, of Blackpool, Lancashire was convicted of fraud, converting and acquiring criminal property and jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Jordan Robinson, of Fleetwood, Lancashire was found guilty of fraud, converting and acquiring criminal property and was also jailed for four-and-a-half years.

James Austin-Beddoes, of St Annes, Lancashire was found guilty of fraud and acquiring criminal property.

He pleaded guilty to converting criminal property and was jailed for 18 months, suspended for a year.

Jonathan Kelleher of the CPS said: ‘These offenders used the internet from the comfort of their own homes to obtain tens of millions of pounds worth of Bitcoin which did not belong to them.

‘Cyber-enabled crime presents an increasing threat to international economic stability, as well as to honest individual investors in cryptocurrency.

‘The CPS advised our police partners throughout this international investigation.

‘Painstaking analysis of vast amounts of digital material and collaborative liaison with the Australian and Finnish authorities enabled us to mount a successful prosecution against these criminals.’

DS David Wainwright of Lancashire Police said: ‘This was a large and complex case in which these offenders have now been brought to justice.

‘I would like to thank everyone who worked as a team, together with our partner agencies, to achieve this successful outcome.’

Det Sgt David Wainwright, of Lancashire Police’s Fraud Unit, said: ‘The scale of the fraud in this case is absolutely staggering and led to the suspects literally having more money than they could spend.

‘I would like to pay tribute to all the agencies who worked closely together to bring these people to justice. If you have just about any queries about where by and also tips on how to use EvdEn EvE naKLiYat, Evden Eve NAKliyAT it is possible to contact us in our page. ‘

An heiress used to a comfortable lifestyle in Chelsera got a taste of the real world by staying with a family-of-five on the breadline for the TV show Rich Kids Go Skint. 

Veronika, 20, admitted on the show, which aired last night on 5Star, that she’s never had to worry about earning money, enjoying an allowance from her family, who also pay her bills and for EVDEn Eve NaKLiYaT her rented flat in Chelsea. 

She goes to stay with Brandon and Rachel Slater, who live in a rented three-bedroom house with their three children, Brooke, Declan and Olivia in Leeds, who work multiple jobs to make ends meet. 

Thanks to her time with the family, who have only a couple of hundreds pounds left to enjoy after bills per month, Veronika gained a newfound appreciation of her privileged life, while the family were surprised by how ‘lovely’ she was. 

Veronika, 20, admitted on Rich Kids Go Skint last night on 5Star, that she’s never had to worry about earning money, enjoying an allowance from her family, who also pay her bills and the rent of her flat in Chelsea

The 20-year-old was born in St Petersburg, but was raised in France and moved to the UK when she was eight. 

She was educated at Marlborough College, where the Princess of Wales also studied, and where tuition can reach £40,000 a year. 

The heiress lives alone, in a one bedroom flat in the affluent neighbourhood of Chelsea, with her dog, and likes to indulge in shopping trips to Selfridges  

The rich girl goes to stay with Brandon and Rachel Slater, who live in a rented three-bedroom house with their three children, Olivia, Brooke and Declan in Leeds

Living in London, Verokina admitted she’s never had to work at a paid job, but added she’s done work experiences for free 

‘I do love to take myself on a Selfridges trip when I can,’ she said. 

She is also the proud owner of a designer bag collection, eVden evE NakLiYAT however, most of them were not bought by her, and were inherited from her mother, now holding a sentimental value. 

‘A girl can never have too many bags,’ the heiress joked, adding that getting her hair extension, her hair cut and her nails done costs her up to £600 a month. 

Veronika said she hoped going to stay with the Slaters would teach her how to be more reasonable with her spending.  

‘I feel like this experience will teach me that it’s a lot easier to save up than I think, and I should be saving a lot more money than I do,’ she said. 

She travelled to Leeds to stay with the Slaters, whose financial reality was very different from hers. 

The heiress revealed on the show that she loves to treat herself to regular trips to Selfridges, but added she is aware that she privileged to be able to do so 

Brandon has an ‘on an off’ bouncy castle for hire business he’s kept going for 14 years.

To make ends meet, he’s turned to making toys for soft play in his free time, and sometimes picks up shifts as a carrier if the family needs extra cash, which has become a common occurrence for them in the face of the cost of living crisis. 

Brandon admitted on the show that he doesn’t know what he is going to make month-to-month, and whether he’ll have enough of one job to feed the family, or if he’ll need to take on three jobs at the same time to make ends meet. 

Meanwhile, Rachel works in a nursery and owns a floristry business on the side. 

While the family struggled financially, only being left with about £200 at most of disposable income for the month, Brandon and Rachel said they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

‘Money don’t matter, it can’t buy you hell,’ the father-of-three said. 

‘We’ve got everything.That’s worth more to me than what their dad’s given to them with their credit card,’ he added. 

Brandon owns a bouncy castle for hire business, as well as making soft play toys and working as carrier to make ends meet while Rachel works in a nursery and owns a floristry business on the side

The family spend £830 on rent, and £220 on a storage unit, plus on food for five and the essentials. 

They also have five pets: two dogs, two tortoises and a bearded dragon, which made Veronika feel like she was in a ‘petting zoo,’ she said when she visited. 

Asked what he expected the rich kid to think of his family, he said: ‘I think they will be shocked at how much work goes into what we do every day of life for a little money. 

‘I don’t know whether they have a job or just spend their mum and dads inheritance or money.

‘They’re certainly not going to do what I do for 50 quid, and they’re not going to do what I do for a 100 quid,’ he said, adding: ‘they probably spend that on a pizza.’

Veronika didn’t pack too many brands in the overnight bag she took to the Slaters, but still took her Chanel bag and a £300 woollen hoodie, Gucci trainers, and a £150 pair of jeans. 

Veronika is more used to a privileged lifestyle than living skint, but she said she hoped the experience would teach her to budget her money better 

‘I’m just kind of getting ready to be independent from my family and making my own money, EVden eve NaKLiYaT so seeing families that operate on a much tighter budget would be a good experience to prepare me for the real world,’ she said. Should you loved this informative article and you would love to receive more details concerning EVdeN eVe NakLiyAt generously visit our own web-page.  

Right after meeting, conversation between Veronika and the Slater turned awkward after the heiress admitted: ‘I’ve never had a paid job.But I’ve done work experience at places.’

She went on to say that the two things she has to spend money on per month is herself and her dog. 

One of the luxuries in the Slater household is a pool table they paid £800, and for which the couple saved for eight months in order to afford.  

The Slater family have not always struggled with money, but lost their savings after running into some life set backs. 

‘We’re not left with a fortune, couple of hundred pound a month leftover, before Declan decides he needs some new trainers for school, Brook needs new tights, it is a struggle at the moment,’ Brandon said. 

Brandon and Rachel also told Veronika they haven’t had a glass of wine since their wedding day because they can’t afford it.  

After a game of football at the park with Brandon and Declan, the heiress followed Rachel to the local shop, where she was tasked with getting a meal for six for evDeN evE naKliyaT just £10. 

Veronika spent £9.49 on a couple of chicken breasts, one pepper, one onion, tortillas and some seasoning, and set out to make fajitas, relying on the family’s cupboard to make the meal. 

While it was too spicy for most of them to enjoy, Brendon and Rachel were thankful for the efforts she put in. 

‘I think I could have done better but considering the limited options at the shop, this is probably the best they could do,’ she said. 

‘Definitely would have bought the proper fajita kit,’ and added it would have been even better ‘if we have the budget to get guacamole, sour cream.’

The next day, Veronika surprised Brandon with her positive attitude as he took her and Brook and friend Mila to help with the bouncy castle business.  

The experience was an eye-opener for the heiress, who said she couldn’t believe that after all the work they put in, Brandon, the girls and herself only made a £65 profit out of setting up the bouncy castle for an event. 

‘It really makes me appreciate my life and how privileged I am with what I’ve got,’ she said. 

‘I don’t have necessarily a passion for bouncy castles, so I will probably try to pursue my own career in something else,’ she said. 

She went on to help Rachel with her floral arrangements for her floristry business, before packing up to go back to London. 

‘I’ve had the best time ever, thank you so much for having me, it’s been a great experience,’ she told Brandon and Rachel, adding she was ‘100 per cent’ glad she came to live with them. 

‘It wasn’t what I was expecting it to be,’ she said. 

‘It’s been a very interesting experience, and I think the main thing that I got out of it is you can’t always judge a book by its cover,’ the heiress said. 

‘Despite the fact the family have a lovely home, obviously, they do struggle financially to maintain that

‘I have also realised a lot of labour goes into things behind the scenes, such as having to load up the truck every morning and not just showing up and setting everything up,’ she said, about Brandon’s bouncy castle business. 

The father-of-three also admitted to have been surprised by his ‘lovely’ guest.  

‘She was different from what we expected,’ admitted they expected Veronika to be ‘a brat and a bit spoiled,’ but adding she was none of those things. 

He added they could definitely see themselves being friends with Veronika.  

To thank the family for allowing her to stay with them, Veronika also treated them to a go-carting experience.  

Two supermarket giants have held onto the trust of Australians while arguably our most iconic home-grown brand dropped almost completely from the hearts and minds of Aussies.

The latest Roy Morgan poll, which determines the nation’s most trusted brands every three months, ranked Woolworths and Coles as Australia’s most depended-upon brands.  

But national carrier suffered a devastating drop, eVDen eVe NaKLiYaT falling from number nine to be ranked 40th after it was plagued by stories of bad customer service and flight delays.

Optus also took a hit, ranking second on Roy Morgan’s most distrusted brands’ list, knocking Telstra down to three.

The embattled telco rose from the 17th spot published in September after its customer data was stolen and leaked online in a cyber security attack last year.

Woolworths and Coles came in at number one and two respectively as a part of Roy Morgan’s most trusted brand poll for the December quarter

But Qantas sank below the top 10 after the airline was plagued with perceptions of bad customer service and flight delays, landing in 40th place

Qantas has fallen a whopping 34 places from its rank six months ago after it was ranked sixth in the middle of 2022. 

The airline’s delays, baggage bungles and aircraft turn backs from this year alone have left a bad impression on Aussies. 

Australia Post made a foray into the top 10 at number nine, with the troubled postal service upping the ante by two spots since last September. 

It comes in the wake of the group’s profits before tax spiraling from $199.8 million to $23.6 million in the first half of the financial year to December 31. 

Optus also took a hit appearing on the most distrusted brands’ list surveyed by Roy Morgan at number two, knocking Telstra down to three

Hardware giant Bunnings stayed at number three. If you treasured this article and you simply would like to receive more info about evDen EvE NakLiyAT generously visit the web-page.  

Aldi kept up the competition remaining in fourth position with discount store Kmart on its tail at number five. 

The German supermarket chain has been voted as the most affordable place to shop in, EVDen eVE NaKliyAt while Kmart also reels Australian customers in looking for a bargain. 

Upscale department store Myer took out number six spot toppling tech giant Apple down to seven in the December survey.

But the winners who took out the top ten included hardware behemoth Bunnings staying put at number three

Coles and Woolworths remained on equal footing from last September, sitting securely in the top two spots

Aldi kept up the competition remaining in fourth position with discount store Kmart on its tail at number five 

Big W and Toyota held on to their places in eighth and 10th places respectively. 

The most distrusted brand in the Roy Morgan’s December report was Facebook Meta, with Optus and Telstra coming from behind in second and third positions respectively. 

E-Commerce brand Amazon ventured down a spot to number four while News Corp came in fifth place on the list. 

Harvey Norman and EvdEN eVe NaKliyaT Google took out the sixth and seventh spots respectively on the embarrassing list. 

Financial services heavyweight AMP reached number eight, with Rio Tinto and Nestle coming up in the rear. 

Noteworthy contenders outside the top ten most distrusted list included Medibank which suffered a jump to number 14 off the back of its own data breach last October. 

Twitter also bumped up to number 11 from 17 this quarter after Elon Musk bought the social media stalwart. 

BP also made an appearance on the shame list at number 16, moving up from 21 from the previous quarter.

The most distrusted brand in the Roy Morgan’s December report was Facebook Meta, EVDen Eve NAkliYAt with Optus and Telstra coming from behind in second and third positions respectively

E-Commerce brand Amazon ventured down a spot to number four while News Corp came in fifth place on the list


An interpreter tried to persuade doctors at a hospital to approve an illegal kidney transplant for the daughter of a wealthy Nigerian politician, who it is claimed plotted to transport a street trader to the UK to harvest the organ, a court has heard. 

Evelyn ‘Ebere’ Agbasonu allegedly asked for payment of £1,500 to help secure the £80,000 private kidney transplant for the alleged recipient Sonia Ekweremadu, 25, at the Royal Free Hospital in north London in February 2022. 

Jurors at the Old Bailey heard of Ms Agbasonu’s role during the trial of Ike Ekweremadu, evDEN EvE NAkliYat 60, who is alleged to have conspired with family members and others to exploit the 21-year-old street trader from Lagos in harvesting his kidney. 

The then-deputy president of the Nigerian is on trial alongside his wife Beatrice Ekweremadu, evDeN eVe NAKLiyaT 56, their daughter Sonia and medical ‘middleman’ Dr Obinna Obeta.They all deny conspiracy to arrange the travel of another person with a view to exploitation. 

Sonia had a ‘significant and deteriorating’ kidney condition which could be managed through dialysis but cured with a transplant. 

Ike Ekweremadu, 60, is on trial alongside his wife Beatrice Ekweremadu, 56, their daughter Sonia, 25.All three deny conspiracy to arrange the travel of another person with a view to exploitation

The prosecution claims the procedure was not legal as the potential organ donor was a street trader from Lagos who had no altruistic motive or family connection with the recipient.

The Old Bailey has been told it was a ‘transactional’ deal, with the man to be paid up to 3.5m Naira, the equivalent of £7,000,for the harvesting of his body part and eVdEn eve NAKliYAt the promise of opportunities in the UK. 

He was tested in Nigeria and found to be a match for Sonia before being brought to the UK. 

The jury heard that Ms Agbasonu, who worked as a medical secretary at the clinic and spoke Igbo, stepped in to interpret during an initial meeting on February 24 between Dr Peter Dupont and the donor from Nigeria. 

The consultant had concluded the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was not an appropriate candidate and appeared relived that the transplant would not take place. 

However, according to messages from others, Ms Agbasonu appeared to agree to manipulate a second meeting to the advantage of the Ekweremadu family.

Mr Ekweremadu’s brother Diwe, who had medical training, allegedly sent Sonia Ekweremadu advice from the interpreter to show a clear family connection with the donor. 

Ike, a former barrister, is a member of the centre-right Peoples Democratic Party and was the Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate for three consecutive terms 

Beatrice (pictured) said the donor had been found via a third party. She stated that she was ‘devastated’ when further tests after his arrival in the UK found he was not a match

He allegedly said: ‘Ebere said it would be easier to establish that his mum and your mum are sisters.If we stretch it to the grandmum and grandmum the relationship will be too distant.’

Ms Ekweremadu allegedly replied with: ‘Ok, that’s fine.’ 

Diwe then allegedly laid out a financial agreement with her father, saying: ‘I’ve met the Igbo interpreter.She agreed to work with us. She will be involved in coaching the boy, and during his consultation and interviews she will be providing the relevant interpretation.

‘She insisted that I give her £1,500. I think the just position themselves to exploit people.’ 

It is claimed the potential donor was told to pretend to be Sonia’s cousin. 

Diwe is also alleged to have said: ‘We had a meeting today with her so I’ve introduced her to Chinoso (Sonia) and (the donor).She advised that (the donor) comes to the hospital on Tuesday and Thursday while Chinoso (Sonia) is having her dialysis.

‘Psychologically everyone in the team will have to accept that he’s really committed to his cousin’s health and it usually makes it easier to accept the person for the procedure.’

Prosecutor Hugh Davies KC suggested to the court the messages demonstrated the opposite of an altruistic organ donation. 

Ike has denied all the allegations and said he had not arranged the travel of anyone to the UK

Beatrice Ekweremadu (fron) and Sonia Ekweremadu (behind) at the Old Bailey

The court heard that the potential donor and interpreter attended a meeting with a surgeon at the hospital on March 11. 

After the meeting, Diwe allegedly messaged Ms Ekweremadu’s father, evDEN eVe nakliYat saying: ‘I have spoken with (the interpreter).She said the boy did better today but he’s still showing so much timidity. If you have any thoughts with regards to where and how to use evden evE NaKliYAT, you can call us at our web site.  

‘She covered up for evdeN evE NAKLiyAT him and added the words as much as possible. The surgeon will discuss with Dr Dupont and they will communicate us. They will continue to work on the boy’s confidence.Ebere and Obinna.’

But, the surgeon agreed with the initial assessment made by Dr Dupont that the donor was unsuitable. Ms Ekweremadu was informed of the decision on March 29.   

Mr Davies told the court the interpreter was also involved in Dr Obeta’s own transplant. 

The jury heard that Dr Obeta, also on trial with the family, had secured a kidney transplant at the Royal Free Hospital in 2021, with a donor purporting to be his cousin. 

Mr Davies told jurors an affidavit was the only evidence of a relation between the two men. 

‘Whatever the truth of any of that, the basis of his transplant process provided a clear model for what Sonia needed in her moment of crisis,’ he told the court. 

Jurors heard that Dr Obeta had trained at medical school with Diwe, who remains in Nigeria and is not on trial.

Medical ‘middleman’ Dr Obinna Obeta (pictured) is also on trial with the family at the Old Bailey 

Ike Ekweremadu (left) and wife Beatrice Ekweremadu (right) are on trial at the Old Bailey

Confusion reigned at ‘s school in  on Thursday after the principal said it was closing permanently, only for parents hours later to email all and say classes would continue.

Reports then emerged that the teachers had quit – following the string of controversial and antisemitic rants its founder has made in recent weeks.

It was not clear how many teachers had quit, and how many remained, but the chaos comes amid  following his tweets.

Donda Academy, in the Simi Valley, is highly secretive, with parents signing a non-disclosure agreement to keep the school’s location secret and agreeing to say nothing about it.

There are believed to be around 100 students from pre-K to 12th grade paying $15,000 a year, and 16 teachers.

On Wednesday, the principal, Jason Angell, sent an email to parents explaining that West, 45, had decided to close the school ‘effective immediately,’ with classes being cancelled as of Thursday.

Around midnight on Wednesday, however, parents at the exclusive Christian school received the following morning.

‘Join us tomorrow morning in worship for the return of Donda Academy,’ the email read. 

‘With the help of our parents and community, we are back and returning with a vengeance!’

Kanye West’s exclusive Christian school announced it would be closing for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year as the rapper continues to face fallout for his repeated anti-semitic comments

Students at West’s Donda Academy wear black Balenciaga uniforms designed by West himself.Above, Celtics basketball player Jaylen Brown pays a visit to the school. Brown this week said he was severing ties with West

A school in the Simi Valley, just north of Los Angeles, which is believed to be the Donda Academy

West returned to Instagram t around his anti-Semitic behavior, which has included repeated claims of ‘Jewish people’ in the media conspiring against him, and Planned Parenthood controlling black populations through genocidal abortions. 

On Thursday the rapper said on Instagram that he ‘lost 2 billion dollars in one day’ in an apparent reference to the flock of brands which have dropped him in the wake of his bigoted behavior.

This week Adidas dropped his Yeezy shoe line – a deal which was worth $1.5billion – with Gap, Footlocker, TJ Maxx, and Balenciaga all following suit and cutting ties with the rapper.

Donda Academy’s closure and sudden reopening come just two months after it started up in August. 

The school did not respond to DailyMail.com requests for comment. 

The exclusive pre-K through 12 school – named after West’s mother, Donda – is located in a secret location in the Simi Valley just north of Los Angeles, and charges $15,000 per student.About half the student body receives financial aid and scholarships, according to The Post.

There are reportedly a number of celebrities’ children in attendance – including R&B singer Keyshia Cole’s son Daniel – and the school is well known for its high-powered basketball team.Rising star Robert Dillingham, eVdeN eVE NAkliYAt 17, plays for the school, and NBA players like Celtics player Jaylen Brown have made appearances at the school. If you cherished this article and you would like to obtain a lot more data regarding EvDEn EVE nakliyat kindly go to our web-page.  

Students wear all black Balenciaga uniforms and Yeezy shoes designed by West himself.

Despite running the school, West’s children do not attend, and he has clashed with Kim Kardashian on the matter.

West previously complained on social media that Kim wouldn’t agree to send their four children for ‘[two] days at one school, three days at another.’ 

As of September the school had not yet been accredited, according to the , which means colleges might not accept diplomas from the school.

The Donda Academy website states that the school’s goal is ‘to provide the youth with the passion, purpose and EVDen EVE NAKliyAT spiritual foundations they need to thrive in tomorrow’s world.’

The curriculum has a strong focus on Christianity, the arts, and math and science.Students can take parkour as a physical activity, and the school has a strong high school basketball program. 

The school enrolls about 100 students and 16 teachers, with a number of students being the children of celebrities

The exclusive pre-K through 12 Donda Academy is located in a secret location in the Simi Valley just north of Los Angeles, and charges $15,000 per student

Parents sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep the school’s location secret

The curriculum has a strong focus on Christianity, the arts, and math and science.Students can take parkour as a physical activity, and the school has a strong high school basketball program

Angell emailed parents on Wednesday announcing the school’s closure for the remainder of the school year.

‘At the discretion of our founder, Donda Academy will close for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year effective immediately, he wrote.

‘There is no school tomorrow [Thursday].’

Angell noted that the school’s leadership would help parents and students transition into their new school, and added that the Donda would begin ‘afresh’ in September 2023. 

On Wednesday the school’s basketball team was booted from the The Scholastic Play-By-Play Classics tournament, saying West’s ‘words and actions violate our values as a company and a country, and what we seek to ensure at all of our events – a spirit of diversity, sportsmanship, inclusion, equity and mutual respect.’

Representatives for the tournament expressed their remorse that West’s words cost his students the experience of participating in the coveted high school basketball tournament. 

‘While we are firm in our reasoning for this decision, it does not diminish our heartache and regret for Donda’s hardworking athletes who will lose out the most as a result of Kanye’s actions,’ the school added. 

‘Unfortunately, we cannot in good conscience host an organization founded and directed by Mr.West at our events.’

TJ Maxx has become the latest company to sever ties with Kanye West in the wake of his vile anti-Semitic outbursts (pictured on Wednesday at a bagel shop in Los Angeles before arriving at the Skechers HQ) 

He was seen near a parking lot before he was escorted out of Sketchers HQ

TJ Maxx, whose CEO is Ernie Herrman (pictured in 2014) follows Gap and Foot Locker in no longer stocking any Yeezy merchandise in its stores 

On Wednesday, the rapper was embarrassingly escorted out of Skechers headquarters after showing up unannounced to pitch his Yeezy brand a day after being dropped by Adidas and having his songs banned by Peloton.

Ye was taken out by two ‘executives’ according to a statement released by the company Wednesday afternoon. 

 said in a statement: ‘Considering Ye was engaged in unauthorized filming, two Skechers executives escorted him and his party from the building after a brief conversation. Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West.

‘We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate anti-Semitism or any other form of hate speech.The Company would like to again stress that West showed up unannounced and uninvited to Skechers corporate offices.’ 

West may have faced additional opposition if he had gotten a preapproved sit-down meeestimates comes from real estate, cash, his music catalog, and a 5 percent stake in ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s shapewear firm, Skims.

But as corporations around the world break off deals with Ye, music streaming service said it would not remove the rapper’s music unless his label requested it.

Recent anti-Semitic remarks made by the rapper are ‘just awful comments,’ and would have warranted removal from Spotify for violating its policies if they had been on a podcast or recording, Spotify chief Daniel Ek said.

However, music from the artist now known as Ye does not violate anti-hate policies, and any anti-Semitic comments he has made cannot be found on the music streaming platform.

‘It’s really just his music, and his music doesn’t violate our policy,’ said Ek, adding, ‘It’s up to his label, if they want to take action or not.’

Universal Music’s Def Jam label, which owns the copyright to West’s recordings from 2002 through 2016, and continued distributing his releases until last year, issued a statement condemning Ye’s remarks, saying: ‘There is no place for anti-Semitism in our society’.But the label has not asked for the removal of Ye’s recordings, many of which are critically acclaimed works.

Kanye West has seen several high profile and lucrative partnerships with major brands severed amid the backlash from anti-Semitic remarks

Ye has refused to walk back his remarks, blaming Jewish people for his mental health struggles in a recent podcast

A pair of Yeezy shoes are seen in a Foot Locker store on the day Adidas terminated its partnership with the American rapper and designer Kanye West, now known as Ye, in Garden City, New York, U.S., October 25, 2022