W H Y  D O  C A R R I E R S  R O U T I N E L Y  A B A N D O N  T H E 

R E  S T O R A T I O N  C L A S S O F  B U S I N E S S ?

By: David Dybdahl October 2022

Every other market that went after restoration as a target class in the
past 10 years has abandoned the market. Forcing through nonrenewals
unavoidably creates potential coverage gaps on environmental losses establishing the exact date of a covered loss. and therefore which
policy should cover it, is impossible to do.





David J. Dybdahl, CPCU, ARM, MBA, is the president of ARMR. Network, LLC is a specialty insurance brokerage firm that works through independent insurance agents to provide business insurance packages to cleaning and restoration contractors coast to coast. He is a frequent contributor to R&R. He can be reached at 877 735 0800 or visit their website at