A $20K Vase Broken: Where is Your Insurance Coverage?

The Insurance 101 version of insuring damage to the property of others.

Every cleaning and restoration contractor knows there are times where they are working on or around some pretty valuable items.

Expensive rugs, pricey vases and other expensive items are found in many homes and businesses. The potential always exists that a contents cleaning specialist can damage an expensive item and be held responsible for the damage, either by the property owner or their insurance company.

“That is why I have insurance,” many contents restoration firm owners tell me when I ask them how they deal with dropping a $20,000 vase. However, very few owners actually know how their insurance policies work to cover them for damages they may cause to their client’s property. The reality is most firms today are woefully uninsured for dropping a $20,000 vase or damaging virtually anything they are working on, including turning a house into a mold ecology science project.

The good news is there is economically-priced business insurance available to cover damage or loss to the property of others in your care, custody, and control.

The bad news is unless you pay attention to the insurance coverage, the off-the-shelf business insurance package will most likely leave you uninsured for damaging anything you are working on or anything you are storing. In this article, I will present the Insurance 101 version of insuring damage to the property of others.

All it takes is a little due diligence to get the insurance coverage you need. In many cases, the coverage you need does not increase your insurance premium! It is just a matter of buying the right policy from an insurance agent who knows your business and your insurance needs. Many restorers complain to me that they cannot find a local insurance agent who is knowledgeable in restoration contractors. I would be glad to help anyone find a good local agent, just give me a call.

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